Psychoanalytic Parent Infant Psychotherapy


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Ann Herreboudt

Psychoanalytic Parent Infant Psychotherapist

Widely regarded as London’s top parenting expert, Ann Herreboudt has 25 years’ experience as a midwife, fertility expert, child psychologist, family therapist, first aid teacher, aromatherapist, breastfeeding consultant, antenatal advisor, doula trainer. In 2013 Ann qualified as a Psychoanalytic Parent Infant Psychotherapist.

She ran one of the world’s longest ongoing postnatal support groups for parents, toddlers and babies in North London for 21 years.

Ann has spent years working alongside renowned consultant obstetrician and gyneacologist Yehudi Gordon at his Viveka clinic and the famous John and Lizzie’s birth unit in St John’s Wood. She is also based at the Women’s Wellness Centre in Chelsea run by obgyn Gubby Aiyeda. There she provides one to one support to patients in areas ranging from psychotherapy and practical parenting to birth preparation and post-natal support. Her sessions cover birth trauma, breastfeeding and depression.

An established fertility expert, Ann supports clients through all the natural and clinical options open to them.

Ann is recognised by some of the most accomplished practitioners in the world of obstetrics and fertility. As a parenting guru, she advises parents on colic, reflux, sleep issues, weight gain issues, sibling rivalry to name but a few.

Ann is a qualified nurse and midwife, child psychologist, first aid teacher, breastfeeding counsellor, and massage therapist. Ann lives in North London and has a grown up son and daughter.