Psychotherapy/Counselling/Psychology of Interdependence

Getting to the root of the problem and clearing the negative patterns, often locked in the unconscious.

Intuitive Healing/Mindfulness for less stress and anxiety

Life transforming workshops for more love and happiness and success       

£120 per hour (my value) with concessions available according to circumstances

0207 722 3939 (Kailash reception)


Caroline Latham

BA (Hons), BACP member

With over 30 years’ experience, Caroline has helped thousands of people with a plethora of problems ranging from feeling stuck and troubled, stress and anxietybroken hearts to major depression, women with fertility issues, patients with cancer and facing death, and five of these years were spent working in a private rehab clinic treating clients with addiction issues.

Perhaps you feel as though something is holding you back from success or happiness? Caroline would like to believe she has the experience and tools to help get to the core of whatever this may be, often locked in the unconscious. You might think you're going one way but actually keep on going the other? Resolving these issues can lead to greater contentment and ultimately of benefitting all. 

Caroline Latham also has four books published and has been on a part-time retreat for over 16 years with the aim of training her mind.

You are likely to feel a shift after only one session.

“Caroline takes an intuitive approach to therapy that can crack the hardest nuts. I like her warmth and her compassion. She's deeply spiritual but at the same time never loses her sure footing.”

Max Zoettl, Consultant Psychiatrist

'To embark on a journey of self-discovery can seem a daunting undertaking. To have shared my journey with Caroline, somebody of such gentleness, humility and understanding has been an enlightening life changing experience. Have no fear!'

Paul , Fruit Farmer

I was supported to go deeply into wounds and unresolved issues. Caroline works on a very deep experiential level and unlike therapists who I have worked with in the past, she gives invaluable insight from a place of unconditional warmth and love. I would thoroughly recommend her.