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David Mundy

R.S Hom 1974, F.S. Hom. Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths

Homeopathy – Healing using the principle of curative allergy.

Although the system of homeopathy as it is known today is only 250 years old, the healing principle upon which it is based goes back thousands of years to Hippocrates and beyond.

Like cures like. A simple statement that conceals a great truth. To be healed we need to be faced with a mirror that reflects back to us our individual suffering and provides the impetus to begin self healing. In homeopathy the healing impetus is through the action of the potentized remedy.

This of course is an over simplification, because in the treatment of chronic disease remedies are prescribed, not on a basis of a single symptom, but on a much larger picture, which includes the person’s constitution, past medical and life history, mental and emotional state and much more. Homeopathy does not treat diseases, it treats the patient. An understanding of the relationship between symptoms and the person’s life expression is essential in order to make an effective prescription. Individuality and uniqueness are the essence of homeopathic treatment.