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An opportunity, in the heart of London, to find some peace and tranquillity – to reconnect with the world around you and to find a way to deepen that connection.

Re-Vitalise Retreats, one of the UK’s largest Tai Chi and Yoga retreat providers will be running the ‘Urban Retreat’ course at the Kailash Centre.

Through the ancient disciplines of Tai Chi and meditation we will teach you how to re-discover and develop your connection with the earth, with nature and with the people you come into contact with in your life.

We are offering you a progressive course in Tai Chi. A course that will take you through a year of instruction. By the end of the year you will have learnt the complete form, and know the full set of energy exercises called the Tao Gong (The Natural Way).

The course is a 12 month course. Running on one Saturday each month, starting on February 2nd It includes a set of 5 DVD’s and a set of course booklets to help you with your practise between the monthly sessions.

Andy Spragg

Tai Chi Instructor and Buddhist meditation Teacher.

With 20 years of Tai Chi experience Andy Spragg brings a gentle approach to the teaching of Tai Chi which appeals to young and old. Although Tai Chi is a martial art Andy focuses more on the health and meditation side. Andy is a Buddhist and the practise of Tai Chi is also an important part of his Buddhist practise. Andy believe that this complements many other health and well-being approaches. He works with health and fitness organisations to offer a complete, holistic view of health and well-being.